ECCCM’s Partnership in Ministry Program

Become a Partner in Ministry with ECCCM!

Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry has developed an easy way for you to support the ministries of ECCCM as we help those in crisis. Applicants request assistance with the basic daily needs of emergency food, clothing, utility bill payments, mortgage and rent assistance, and life-necessary pharmaceutical’s, and fuel oil or kerosene purchases.

ECCCM has a 50-year history of providing crisis assistance to those in need, providing a hand up in the wake of a personal crisis. Typical crises may result from job layoffs, unemployment and underemployment, medical bills for the uninsured, or medical disabilities from a multitude of causes. Each applicant undergoes a personal interview to determine their financial condition and a verifiable demonstration of need through supporting documents.

Through your generous support of ECCCM, you can make a significant difference in the lives of those in need on a daily basis. How? A tax-deductible gift of $1000 will provide the equivalent of mortgage and rent assistance to four families, eliminating foreclosure or eviction. A gift of $500 will provide the equivalent of utility assistance to four families, maintaining electric service we all rely on. A gift of $250 will provide the equivalent of food for four families for a month, alleviating food insecurity.

By making a commitment now to ECCCM through a regular bank draft we can plan our budget more efficiently and take the burden of check writing from you. Through your commitment to ECCCM, we can provide crisis assistance to those in need as we exercise our community partnerships, which allows ECCCM to provide so much for so little.

As always, you can depend on ECCCM to be good stewards of your donation.

Thank your for your as together we give others a hand up.

Click on the link below and download and print the accompanying form. Mail the form to ECCCM with a voided check and we will take care of the rest. It’s that easy! ECCCM will acknowledge your generous donation, draft the amount you indicated on a monthly basis, and provide an annual statement for your tax deduction.

We are confident you will find this to be an easy way to support ECCCM’s good work. Of course, if you choose, you can end the automatic draft at any time.

Thank you for your Partnership in Ministry and continued support of the mission and ministry of Eastern Catawba Cooperative Christian Ministry, Inc.