March Madness Food Drive

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in Catawba County live with food insecurity? Our March Madness Food Drive is a campaign that addresses this issue by encouraging a little friendly competition between churches, offices, schools, clubs, and even individuals to donate food items in the name of their favorite March Madness NCAA basketball team!

In 2019 we first introduced this new food drive, and for a first time undertaking it proved very successful! The amount of food collected totaled 2,819 pounds! The greatest number of pounds donated by any single entity totaled 749 pounds, and with that donation, Beth Eden Lutheran Church took first place in the greatest contributor category! Duke Blue Devils were the team winners, with 978 pounds donated in their name!

In 2020, Wake Forest came from behind with 2,525 pounds to win the competition! Concordia Lutheran Church won the highest contributor title, with 2,504 pounds. The real winners, however, were the hungry in Eastern Catawba County. ECCCM collected 3,100 pounds of food and $4405 in monetary donations!

We hope that this year we can ignite the madness by encouraging other NCAA team fans to join in this fun competition! On March 1st, be ready for the 2021 March Madness Food Drive! We will spread the word through our newsletter, social media outlets, and through mailings to our supporting churches, but please personally set out to involve your own organizations in this fun competition to help us stock the ECCCM Food Pantry! We will end the drive officially on April 6th.

In 2020, ECCCM served 7,325 individuals in need with crisis and food assistance and distributed 1.6 MILLION pounds of food. The over 1.6 million pounds of food was given out through four hunger prevention programs, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. For example, our Homeless Hunger Prevention Program allows our homeless clients to pick up smaller quantities of non-perishable foods more frequently throughout a month. Also, the expansion of the Student Hunger Prevention Program, a year-long program that provides nutritious foods to families with vulnerable school-aged children (grades K-12), to all Newton-Conover City Schools, Catawba County Schools, and Hickory Public Schools helps decrease childhood obesity in Catawba County by providing healthy foods and snacks for the children. Events such as the March Madness Food Drive help ECCCM meet the growing demands of hunger in Catawba County. 100% of ECCCM clients are put on a hunger prevention program.

If you prefer to make a financial contribution to the food drive, the money will be counted as $1 = 3 pounds of food. In March Madness terminology, that’s like shooting a 3-pointer! Just earmark your donation with the team name that you support, and we will make sure it gets weighed in under your team.

If you would like to join us in our fight against hunger, please consider downloading this poster, posting it, and advertising it in your office, church, small group, or club, and collect food donations. All March Madness donations are needed by April 6th. Thank you!

Thank you for feeding the hungry in Catawba County by supporting the MARCH MADNESS FOOD DRIVE!

Feel the Madness, Feed the Hungry!